Lucky Patcher Games List 2017 (100% Working)

Lucky Patcher Games List: Knowing the facts and profits of Lucky Patcher apk, most of the people have downloaded and installed Lucky Patcher apk on their Android/ iOS/ PC devices. When you have not grasped the information regarding the games on which you can apply Lucky Patcher hacking, it will be troublesome to use the app on your device. On the other side, they consider Lucky Patcher apk is not working and it is a fake one. It’s your mistake to perform hacking on the games and apps that are not compatible with Lucky Patcher apk. Before going to hack any game, you need to know whether it works on that particular game or not. Though most of the apps and games do not restrict, there were few other games that oppose hacking using Lucky Patcher. Instead of worrying at the last minute, it is better to know Lucky Patcher Games list earlier.

Lucky Patcher Games List 2017

Lucky Patcher Games List 2017:

Here I am going to provide the list of games or apps on which you can perform custom patch using Lucky Patcher apk. You need not worry if any of the game mentioned below does not work because Lucky Patcher may not respond your commands sometimes due to technical issues. I am providing the Lucky Patcher Games list with some tag line information attached to it. Perform Lucky Patcher custom patch on the games listed below.

1) 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is an interesting game in which you need Coins to defeat other by cheating. Lucky Patcher can help you in getting free Coins, Lives, Levels etc.

2) Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is the most interesting game at the same time a tough one that creates a mess by making you lag you in a particular level. Get unlimited lives, Boosters, lollipop, moonstruck etc.

3) Hill Climb Racing

Fuel Out is the most common issue with Hill Climb Racing game. Apply Custom Patch on Hill Climb Racing using Lucky Patcher apk to get Unlimited Fuel.

4) PokerStars Lite 

PokerStars is a money game for which you need to deposit some amount into your Stars account. Lucky Patcher will help you in getting easy money by hacking.

5) Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is a fierce battle in which you need to fight with the opponents. Lucky Patcher can perform Custom Patch to get free cards, weapons for free.

6) Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the best Award willing game that attracts the players. In order to continue gaming and move to the next levels easily, Lucky Patcher can easily provide the required boosters, coins, lives etc.

7) Temple Run

Though Temple Run is the most addictive game, people get punched on some levels. Want to show your friends that you are the high scorer? Then Lucky Patcher does it well.

8) Temple Run 2

Lucky Patcher apk does well with Temple Run 2 game and takes you to multiple levels easily. Enjoy Temple Run 2 Custom patch to gain multiple numbers of Coins, lives, high score etc.

9) My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is the funniest game that every kid love and even adult too. You need to dress him, choose different fur styles and colors etc. Get free fat burners, coins, gold etc using Lucky Patcher apk.

10) Fruit Ninja

It’s really fun to cut the fruits than in real life and meanwhile bombs come in between to disturb your gaming. Get free hits when you tap bomb using Custom patch.

11) Zombie Highway 2

Either avoid obstacles while trying to smash the zombies or run zombies out before they dive on your car. Unlock free coins and enjoy Zombie Highway 2 gaming.

12) Where’s my water?

As water is invisible you may not be able to win the game continuously, use the custom patch to get anything required for gaming at free of cost.

13) Where’s my Perry?

It is same as that of Where’s my water game and gets all the required things with Lucky Patcher apk.

14) Real Cricket

Win Cricket game by hacking unlimited coins, levels, boosters etc using Lucky Patcher apk.

15) Pinball Arcade

Unlock tables, pro menu, movies, custom balls using Lucky Patcher apk to enjoy playing Pinball Arcade.

16) Castle of Illusion

Get energy boosters that you require while playing Castle of Illusion with the help of Lucky Patcher apk.

17) Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga, the most loved game that needs lives and boosters to keep on playing the game for free.

18) Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is quite easier at the starting levels and it will be a tough task when you reach some particular levels. Skip levels by applying Custom Patch on your device using Lucky Patcher.

19) Frozen Free Fall

Get Summer Autumn, Halloween levels Unlocked easily with the help of Lucky Patcher apk.

20) Asphalt 8

Remove booster time, booster limit by applying Custom patch to enjoy Asphalt 8 game.

21) Diamond Digger Saga

Unlock a number of lives, boosters, coins for free and show the winning history of yours in Diamond Digger Saga.

22) Where’s my Micky?

Where’s my Micky is similar to Where’s my hacker and use the same patch to enjoy gaming

23) Papa Pear Saga 

It is not easy to continue gaming without any booster so you need at least one to keep on playing. Get it by applying Custom Patch.

24) Swardigo Game

Get unlimited Mana Spell, Energy for free and also get the required resources using Lucky Patcher.

25) Zookeeper Battle

Hack Unlimited CP using Lucky Patcher apk for free.

26) Bubble with Saga

Helps you in smashing the bubbles by providing Lives and Boosters for free.

27) Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Custom Patch, your device with Lucky Patcher apk to get Unlimited Lives, Boosters, cards, levels, Gold etc

28)Band Stars

Check out the studio and enjoy recording to face the challenges. Create a way to the top charts with Custom patch.

29) Kingdom Rush

Fantasy game for everyone on Android device that allows you to defend any Kingdom using weapons, characters etc.

30) Jetpack Joyride

Provides you Bullet powered jet packs and enjoy gaming with coins, boosters, lives etc for free.

Here we provided the Top 30 Lucky Patcher games list. The best lucky patcher games list of games provided above comes under the list of games that can be hacked by using Lucky Patcher. There were many apps that allow custom patch using Lucky Patcher. Before applying custom patch check the Lucky Patcher games list provided above.

Lucky Patcher Games List 2017 (100% Working)
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